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Most frequent questions and answers

This is the topic about which I receive the most questions. And also the subject that took me the longest to get it right: finding the right gear for travel photography. 

What you’ll need to take with you depends on how you travel and what kind of photography you are interested in. When talking about general travel photography, I use the Nikon D810 in combination with a Nikon 24-70 VR, Nikon 70-300 VR and Nikon 50mm lens. 

For more in-depth information about what kind of material I take with me as a travel photographer, see this article and also keep an eye out on my blog page for more related content.

This is a topic that should address every travel photographer, but is often overlooked. No matter how good your photo’s are, if you can’t get them home safely, it’s useless.

The last years I have tried many options to store my photo’s safely while traveling. Especially when I am gone for longer periods this can be quite a challenge. I find that what works best for me, is copying all photo’s from one or two days work to two Lacie Rugged harddrives. And ideally you store these drives in different bags while traveling

For more information, see my blog page.   

Traveling doesn’t need to be expensive, even though it can be! Especially specific locations or countries can burn your pockets! However, in my opinion, it’s more about prioritization. When talking about this subject, some of the people asking me these questions are the one’s going out for diner every week and spending hugh amounts of cash on a two week summer holiday. For the same amount of money I could travel a couple of weeks in Azia. 

It is my personal view that it all comes down to asking yourself the question “How bad do you want to travel?” or “Where do I want to spend my money on?” The answers to these questions will probably determine how much you can or will travel. Because traveling doesn’t have to be expensive.

Let me clear things up: I’ve never took any class, online course or whatsoever. I’m 100% autodidact. And looking back I can say that that worked for me. I simply love traveling and photographing and was determined to master it. And having done that so much the past two decades, I kept learning. And getting better and better.

But this is what worked for me. I am not saying this will work for you. I would recommend to try different things and see what suits you best!

Yes, you can buy all photo’s on this website, instagram and more. There are two price categories applicable to my photo’s: one for the portfolio section and another one for my stock photography photos. See the buy page for more information, or contact me.